castonitis? what castonitis?

Projects on the needles at the moment: garter ruffle shawl, Decimal cardigan (yes, still, I haven’t touched it in a while), Baktus scarf. And as of this morning, as soon as the Ishbel was off the needles, a second Baktus scarf, in the lacy variety, with KnitPicks’ Shimmer in the Galaxy colorway. I’m not quite sure if I’m going to continue on the needles it’s on right now (3.5mm) as the lace is very open and I’m not sure if I want it that lacy.I might have to try pinning it out a bit to see what it looks like, and then decide if I want to switch to smaller needles.

I keep going this way, that lace sampler kit I got from KP will end up becoming six smaller projects rather than one large one, unless I order a replacement for the Shimmer I’m using right now. I just couldn’t resist it, it’s so soft and smooth! I do wish KP had it available in more solid colors, or at least heathered. Not that the  colorways they haven’t aren’t gorgeous, but variegated yarn just isn’t my favorite.

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