this is what happens when knitters have short attention spans

While I was on holiday, I didn’t touch my knitting beyond moving the ziploc bag it was packed in around in my suitcase. New York City in August is horribly hot and humid (it’s not the heat, though, it’s the humidity, and I finally understand that saying, it’s totally true), and I could barely move around, let alone concentrate on knitting.

I did find a store that carried Muench Touch Me chenille yarn, so I picked up what they had in #3620. Why oh why do these yarns not have names? I’ve seen it called “Vintage Red” or “Maroon” or “Dark Red,” so who knows what it’s actually supposed to be? The store (B.E. Yarns in Brooklyn) only had five skeins, so I ordered three more skeins from Jimmy Beans Wool. I decided to splurge and make a Vintage Velvet scarf (link to someone’s FO at Flickr, in the same color I’ll be using). I could probably make do with the five skeins I have, but I like my scarves longer, so I figured I might as well splurge and get some extra yarn. I cast on today, with bamboo needles, and after one row, switched to my KnitPicks Options. The bamboo needles were just way too grabby for the chenille yarn, and the Options glide through it nicely. It’s definitely going to be a project that requires paying attention, since the fuzzy nature of the yarn makes counting rows a little difficult, but I’m only a few rows in, and I love it already.

stash enhancement

When I got back to Banff, there was yarn waiting for me at the post office—the laceweight I ordered from KnitPicks before I left. It’s absolutely gorgeous stuff—Alpaca Cloud in Bermuda Heather, Shadow Kettle Dyed in Atlantic Kettle, Shimmer in Sherry and Blue Glass. It’s like holding a bag of gemstones or something, the colors are rich and saturated and just SO PRETTY OMG. I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to make with these yarns, although there’s probably at least one Ishbel in there, and maybe a Wisp or another triangular shawl.

And I’ve still got the KP Lace Yarn Sampler with the Chinook Shawl pattern (in the purplish colorway in the picture, I guess it’s sold out or something), although I used the Shadow Kettle Dyed in Bordeaux Kettle for the Ishbel, and the Shimmer in Galaxy for a Baktus, but I bought a replacement skein of Shadow Kettle Dyed in Eggplant Kettle, so I can still make the shawl, just without the border (or with the border, if I substitute in a skein of something else, like the Alpaca Cloud in Sand Heather that I still have in my stash, if the color’s not too far off).

Still on the needles: Decimal Cardigan (one of these days I’ll actually pick it up and start working on it again), two Baktus scarves, and a garter stitch shawl. In the queue: two pairs of Slither armwarmers, and a garter stitch blanket, plus whatever I end up doing with the laceweight I bought. I spent a bit of time on Ravelry today looking for something to use up all my sock yarn on, but haven’t found anything. I have 22 skeins (11 colors) of KnitPicks Palette, so there’s quite a bit of yarn there. I suppose I could do a light version of the Moderne Log Cabin blanket (link to PDF of pattern), so we’ll see. I really need to use up some of this yarn, my stash needs culling.

One of the Baktus scarves is just about done, but I’m looking at the remaining yarn and can’t help but think I underestimated where I should start the decreases. I might have more than a little bit left over, but of course not enough to do anything else with it. So the choice is: do I divide the remaining yarn in half, rip back to the midpoint and add as many repeats as I can, or do I just leave it as is, and buy another skein of Shimmer to make something else with and incorporate the remaining yarn into? I guess I’ll see how much yarn there’s left when I get to what would theoretically be the end point and go from there. I suppose I could make some tassels for the ends, or something.

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  1. Linda Peck

    February 21, 2010 at 11:48 am

    Dear knitter,

    I am almost finished with the purplish chinook shawl from Knitpicks and there is not enough bordeaux to do about 8 square inches left of that border. I am looking for one skein or less of that yarn and would pay dearly for it! Can you help me? KP cannot help me as they don’t make that yarn now.

    I will of course pay shipping, pay for inconvenience, etc.

    Thank you for listening,


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