FO: Galaxy Baktus

Despite the start and finish dates, it actually only took about 12 days to make this. I brought it with me on holidays to New York, but didn’t touch it the entire two weeks I was there (I can’t imagine wanting to knit when it’s that hot and that humid). So it sat in my suitcase, a little less than half done, until I got back and unpacked everything. After that, it was a pretty quit knit to the finish.

Galaxy Baktus, finished

Pattern: “Lacy Baktus” by Terhi Montonen, from Terhimon’s Flickr [Ravel it!]
Yarn: KnitPicks Shimmer Hand Dyed in Galaxy, one skein (with a little bit left over)
Needles: 2.75mm circular needles
Finished size: 84″ long, 18″ at widest point

Start date: August 6, 2009.
Finish date
: September 3, 2009.

Galaxy Baktus, finished :: Galaxy Baktus, finished

The Baktus is an easy project, once you get the hang of keeping track of what row you’re on with a simple glance so that you know when to do the yo row, and when to do the increases/decreases. If you knit while watching TV/movies, it’s perfect, requiring relatively little attention to be paid to it, so you can focus on what’s happening on the screen. The non-lacy variety is even easier, since you only have to pay attention every fourth row to increase/decrease, and the rest is just plain garter stitch.

Galaxy Baktus, finished :: Galaxy Baktus, finished

When I was in Calgary the other day, I realized there was a Toys ‘R Us in there, so I stopped in to see if they had any of the interlocking foam mats I’ve seen talked about in Ravelry forums. And lo and behold, they did! I wanted to get the blue ones, but they only had one package of blue, and I wanted two, so I went with these salmon-colored ones. The color is probably not the best to use as a background for purple knitting, but in the absence of proper light, and with me being too lazy to dig out something lighter-colored, this will have to do. I think I’m going to get a long ruler and draw a grid on them, since trying to align things to the textured surface didn’t really work, as you can see, and things were kinda skewed. The important thing is that now I have eight of these awesome mats, and I don’t have to try and stick blocking pins into the carpet anymore!

Galaxy Baktus, finished

I have a little bit of the yarn left. I could have added a few more rows before starting to decrease, but 40 yo’s seemed like a good place to stop. And by the time I realized I was going to have yarn left over, I was too close to finishing to want to rip back to the halfway point and redo it. There’s probably not enough yarn there to do anything with it, so it’s just probably going to go into the bag of remnants, probably to languish there for a very long time. On the other hand, who knows, maybe it’ll get used up for something?

Galaxy Baktus, finished

I’m definitely putting this on the “would knit again” list—it’s easy and fast enough that you can make a quick gift even if you’re running short on time, and it puts the hands to work while I watch TV/movies and keeps me occupied just enough so I don’t get too twitchy.

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  1. Rain

    February 17, 2010 at 4:32 pm

    Love it! It’s so gorgeous.

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