Vintage Velvet scarf I looked more closely at the Vintage Velvet scarf, and it turns out that I did not, in fact, have 6.5 repeats of the pattern. There are six and a bit cables visible on each side, which actually makes it, wait for it… three repeats. *facepalm*

Now that I have that figured out, I’m feeling much less confused, if more than a bit embarrassed about the whole thing. But at least everything is working out according to schedule!

On the needles: Decimal Cardigan, and the cotton shedding all over my hand is driving me nuts. The Garter stitch shawl remains in its bag, although I suppose I should pick it up and work on it a bit sometime soon. Winter is coming, after all.

In the queue: another pair of Evolution Mitt armwarmers, and two pairs of Slither armwarmers. I also need a hat or three for the winter, but those are quick knits, so I’m not really worrying.

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