So I’m knitting the Vintage Velvet scarf, finally managing to keep proper count of the rows (or at least having figured out a way to count the rows if I lose track), and I finished the first skein last night at work. The yarn is an absolute pleasure to work with, and I’m really enjoying the project. One thing that puzzles me, though, is the number of pattern repeats to be expected from each skein. I’ve looked on Ravelry, and people seem to be getting 3-4 repeats per skein, but my current count is 6.5 repeats. This isn’t really a problem, it’ll just make for a longer scarf, if I use all the yarn I have (a total of eight skeins now that the stuff I ordered from Jimmy Beans Wool arrived). Although now that I think about it, I hope I’m not knitting it too tightly, I don’t want it to get too narrow when I felt it. I don’t really want to frog it again and start over at a looser gauge.

What to do, what to dooooo…

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