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honecomb scarf swatch #2No, the subject line has nothing to do with this post, but I just finished watching last night’s NCIS: LA and that line just killed me. XD

So I’m trying to make some knitted stuff as holiday presents this year, and I figured, hey, I’ll make some nice scarves for my dad and for my mom’s fiancé. And I have a pattern I was going to use, the Lupin scarf. But then I was looking through Ravelry, and found Brooklyn Tweed’s honeycomb scarf (Rav link, click here for photo), which I like better.

There’s a problem, though, in that there’s no pattern for the second scarf. So I said to myself, “I can figure this out!” Obviously the centre panel is honeycomb, and the edges are seed stitch, so all I have to do is figure out what the cables on the sides of the honeycomb are. I paged through my Barbara Walker Knitting Treasury and the closest I could come up with (give the rather artsy nature of Jared’s picture), is the wheat ear cable. I did a test swatch yesterday, even came up with a chart for the pattern repeat.

So far so good, right? Sort of.

I copied the patterns from the book exactly, including the accompanying reverse stockinette stitches on the edges of the wheat ear cables. I didn’t really like the look of them, so I got rid of them, leaving only the single twisted stitch between each section. But that doesn’t look exactly right, either. And then there’s the yarn—the reclaimed Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend from the ill-fated February Lady Sweater. I don’t know if it’s because the yarn is all kinked and flattened from having been knit up before, or if it’s just the way this yarn behaves, but something’s just not looking right, to me at least. I imagine if the yarn was worsted weight, the cables might stand out more or something, so maybe that’s my problem. I’ll have to dig out one of the unused skeins of this yarn I have somewhere and try another swatch to see how the cables behave.

The swatch that’s drying was knitted on 3.5mm needles, the one I’m currently knitting is on 3mm ones, mostly because I couldn’t tell if the lack of “pop” in the cables was due to the gauge being too relaxed. I know for sure I can’t go lower than 3mm, because then I’m risking the fabric being too dense and too stiff when it’s knitted up. Oddly enough, the swatch on the smaller needles looks to be practically the same size as the one on the larger ones, but that’s probably due to the needles being so close in size.

Maybe I’ll try adding one reverse stockinette stitch to each side of the wheat ear cable when I make the swatch with fresh yarn, just to see how it looks. I think it’ll also go on the 3mm needles, because I can tell from the swatch picture, when it’s pinned out, it looks a bit too loose, so the cables get lost in the fabric. Although I guess that might depend on how it looks when it’s unpinned and relaxed.

*bes wishy washy* I can’t deciiiiiide…

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