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I’m so bored even Tumblr isn’t helping

My computer is slowly but surely nearing a forced retirement, I think. Mostly it’s the browser acting up, and maybe I could streamline things a bit, get rid of a few of the extensions I’m not using, but I’ve cut it down already and it’s still glitching. AdBlock keeps giving me “unresponsive script” errors, and if I run pages like Tumblr or god forbid, play Glitch, I end up having to force quit and restart things because it’s just lagging so much. IDK. I’m using Firefox, Safari and Chrome behave even worse won my machine, so please don’t suggest them, and Opera is far too weird and not customizable enough for me, so that’s out, too. I like things a certain way, and I’m too old and cranky to try getting used to something new. *shakes fist*

I watched a couple of movies this afternoon: First up was Dungeons & Dragons 3: The Book of Vile Darkness, which would make for an awesome mock-watch, especially if you’re even the least bit familiar with D&D rules. I don’t have gaming experience myself, but I’ve absorbed enough through dating a gamer and flipping through his rulebooks that I understood most of what went on. Enough that I was very disappointed that the mind-flayer didn’t actually look like a mind-flayer (although maybe he wasn’t supposed to be, I think that may have been just in the synopsis? IDK). There’s plenty of ridiculousness and hilarity to be had, nevertheless.

And then I watched The Apparition, starring Bucky Barnes, Alice Cullen, and Draco Malfoy Sebastian Stan, Ashley Greene, and Tom Felton. There was an experiment done in the 70s that attempted to summon the spirit of some dude named Charles, hence “the Charles Experiment.” Cut to 30 years later and some kids try to do the same thing. Cue hijinks and screaming. And then Sebastian Stan and Ashley Greene end up getting haunted and terrorized by this apparition, try to fight it, and cue hijinks and screaming. There’s evil mold! There’s grimdark secrets! THERE ARE TWO SHIRTLESS SEBASTIAN STANS AT THE SAME TIME! The ending is actually kinda cool, too, and it left me wanting more of the story, especially what happens after the end of the movie.

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