So I’m sitting in the school library and working on my antichrist!bb story (because if I’m at home, lounging on my bed, I’m eleventy thousand percent more likely to spend all my time fucking around on Tumblr and not getting any work done – surrounded by people doing actual schoolwork makes me feel guilty and gets me to actually write), and I’m googling the name the antichrist baby will have when she’s born, which is Ava Kara Valeria. And I got curious about the meaning of Ava, so off to babynamer.com I went.

Ava: Its source is Chava, a Hebrew name meaning “Life.” Chava could also be interpreted to mean ”living being.” (A correspondent points out its linguistic connection to the joyful Jewish blessing le Chaim — ”To life!”)

However, some scholars cite an alternate source — another Hebrew expression meaning ”serpent.”

That second meaning reminds us of the Book of Genesis in the Jewish scriptures. Chava (translated as Eve, Eva or Ava) is the first woman, mother to all humanity. Tempted by the advice of an evil serpent, she disobeys God by eating of the Tree of Knowledge. She convinces her husband Adam to follow suit, and God banishes them from the Garden of Eden.

Due to that ancient story, this name can evoke a complex of images — ranging from revered mother to temptress to seeker of knowledge.


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