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December 4, 2012

random blather

wherein I freak the fuck out

When I was in New York for the first time a few years back, I went to a bunch of museums (mostly because it was too damn hot to do anything outside). I bought a book of tickets to various museums and attractions (ah, Empire State Building, where you stand in line to stand in line to get into the building and stand in line, and then about four more lines before you get to the terrace and have to fight your way through all the crowds NEVER AGAIN OMG), and one of them was the Guggenheim. I’m  ...

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how I come up with pen names

I play this game sometimes. You know the one. The “if I was a published author” one. And I’ve always thought, even when I was little, writing long and involved stories about princesses and their adventures, that I wouldn’t actually publish under my real name. When I was little, I decided my pen name would be “Paula Cattani,” which was the name of the daughter of the police inspector from La Piovra (“The Octopus,” it’s an Italian series  ...

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