but I don’t wanna be a terminator!

So this afternoon/evening, I watched X-Men: First Class and I AM NEVER GOING TO NOT BE BITTER ABOUT JANUARY JONES AS EMMA FROST. Also, I want all the fic where Charles says yes to Erik on the beach, and there’s no shooting and no divorce. 🙁 My search-fu on AO3 failed me, mostly because I didn’t feel like wading through a gazillion fics to try and find something I’d want to read. I may still go back and look, but if anyone has any recs, please let me know. *kitty cat eyes*

And then I watched Terminator: Salvation, because I had a sudden hankering for Bale and Worthington and omnomnom. The movie’s not perfect by any means (I think John Connor should worry about that sore throat he’s got before he worries about getting killed by Skynet), but I absolutely love Marcus. That scene where he’s sneaking in to Skynet and he just jumps out in front of the sentry all COME AT ME, BRO, and he gets scanned and nothing happens? You can, to quote Bart Simpson, actually pinpoint the moment when his heart rips in half. He doesn’t want to be a robot! He doesn’t want to be a weapon! And then REDEMPTION. ;_____*

Although I still think that it would have been better if they’d stuck to the original ending, where John Connor dies, and a very small group of people are in on the secret, which is that they put John’s face on Marcus and had him carry on as the leader of the rebellion. Because let’s face it, that’s the only feasible way that John Connor could become JOHN CONNOR, the larger-than-life messiah-type person. I imagine it’d be hard even for Marcus to survive all the subsequent assassination attempts by Skynet, nevermind if it was just John. And while I’m aware that yes, this is diminishing the significance of the superb specimen of human survival that is John Connor, let’s not forget that the reason Marcus is who he is is because he was once human, too, and he keeps all of those feelings and instincts, no matter how much of him is a machine.

XMFC gave me some ideas to mull over for the mirrorverse AU I started writing a while back, so I’ll have to see if anything comes out of that. But while I may meeble a bit over that, any serious writing on it will have to wait until after I finish this antichrist ‘verse story. One thing at a time, self. UNLESS I WRITE IT AS A ONE-OFF FOR SOME SORT OF BINGO SQUARE OR SOMETHING. And hey, at least I’m writing or doing some sort of creative writing-related thinking. After the last few months where writing 100 words was like pulling teeth, any kind of writing is welcome.

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