FO: Ishbel #3

This is the third Ishbel I’ve knitted, and my favorite of the three. In a complete change of my usual habit, I didn’t knit this on 3.5mm needles (possibly because I had something else on both my straights and DPNs). But since I was working with smaller needles, and because I wanted to use up more than a skein of this yarn, I decided to go with the large stockinette part and then repeat charts A and B a few more times than the pattern called for, and ended up with ABABABABABACDE in the finished product. I love that the pattern is flexible enough that you can just keep going as long as you want to, and still everything works out exactly right.

Pattern: “Ishbel” by Ysolda Teague [Ravel it!]
Yarn: Alpaca Cloud by KnitPicks, colorway “Smoke Heather”
Needles: 2.5 mm circular needles
Size: 86″ across, 29″ down the center

Start date: December 7, 2012
Finish date
: January 22, 2013

Ishbel Shawl #3 Ishbel Shawl #3

I absolutely love this yarn, hope to acquire more of it in the future, and pray that KnitPicks doesn’t decide to discontinue it. The alpaca is fantastic, feels amazing in the skein, center-pull cake, and in the finished product. After blocking, the more delicate fibers give it a slight halo that makes it even softer to the touch.

Ishbel Shawl #3

This is a heathered yarn, which you shows up in the stockinette part of this shawl and in the vertical stitches in the AB charted elements. I personally think it adds to the charm of the shawl, breaking up the monotony of the sea of grey stitches nicely.

Ishbel Shawl #3 Ishbel Shawl #3

 I blocked this one pretty aggressively, and it turned out pretty huge. Personally, I’d prefer the points to be a bit more, uh, pointy, but on the other hand, the softer points fit nicely with the softness of the shawl. I’m always amazed at how much tension something so delicate and seemingly fragile can take.

Ishbel Shawl #3 Ishbel Shawl #3

I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it, in various positions and angles. I love having a big picture window with a wide windowsill that lets me get such gorgeous pictures. There’s something to be said for natural light, even if the Welsh weather was against me and didn’t give me direct sunlight. Although perhaps that is a good thing, as I’ve read that overcast skies actually give the best light, since it’s nicely diffused and not too harsh.

Ishbel Shawl #3

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