oh my god, you guys

So the American Film Festival is finishing up in Wrocław this weekend, and my cousin/roommate and I got tickets to the screening of Only Lovers Left Alive.

Holy. Crap.

Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston are absolutely amazing, the whole movie is really incredibly well done, and although it may be too “artsy” for some people, it is totally awesome. Like, I usually stay far away from artsy movies, and I’ll freely admit, I went to see this because of SWINTON and Hiddles and also vampire movie with this cast holy crap, and I was not disappointed. Magda and I came out of the theater repeating “wow” over and over again, and we couldn’t stop grinning and bringing up the things we found awesome (read: ALL THE THINGS. ALL OF THEM.)

The movie’s not playing in regular distribution yet, I believe it’s not out till April 2014, but if you happen to find a screening near you, GET THEE TO THE BOX OFFICE. Even if you don’t like vampire movies, you should totally go see it, because it is AMAZEBALLS.

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