FO: Ballerina Waves (Print o’ the Wave)

I’ve made one of these before, and ended up giving it to my grandmother, because blue is her favorite color. A while back, my cousin A saw it and asked if I could make her one, too. So I did! It took a while, but here it is.

Pattern: “Print o’ the Wave Stole” by Eunny Jang from See Eunny Knit! [Ravel it!]
: Cascade Yarns Alpaca Lace in Ballerina Pink, ~2.5 skeins
: 3.5mm (US 4) KnitPicks Options
Finished size: 27″ x 77″

Start date: Feb 20, 2015.
Finish date
: October 4, 2015.


It took a while longer this time, because summer got in the way, and I wasn’t about to work with wool when it’s ELEVENTY HUNDRED degrees outside. But once it cooled off, I picked it up again and got it finished quite quickly.

The yarn is a little different than the KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud – it’s a little rougher when it’s dried, although that might just be the hard water or something. It’s still super soft and light as a cloud.


The dimensions are a little different this time, I blocked a bit more aggressively width-wise than length-wise, plus I didn’t have a surface long enough to try stretching it out all the way. I ended up getting foam puzzle blocks just after I unpinned this shawl, so I guess it’s all a matter of timing.

2015-10-03 16.23.15 :: 2015-10-04 14.59.23 :: 2015-10-04 14.59.35

I made this in one piece, mostly because while I’m not really afraid of grafting, I didn’t like the look of the rather obvious line down the middle of the stole. And I really don’t care about whether the two sides have the pattern going the same way. As long as they’re the same width, I’m happy.

I had to fudge the stitches in the edging a bit; I think I picked up the wrong number of stitches somewhere. It looks fine to me, though, so I don’t really care. The join on the edging wasn’t grafted, I just used a larger needle to do a three needle bind-off and left it at that. There were some loose stitches in that corner, from where I joined the edging to the main body, but I think I got it as cleaned up pretty well.

DSCF2491 :: DSCF2490

Once again, a lace project on 3.5mm needles, my KnitPicks Options are pretty much the only needles I knit on, other than the Signature set that I mentioned in the previous post. We don’t have KnitPicks here in Poland, but my LYS here in Wrocław (the pretty damn cool has Karbonz needles that look somewhat similar and I might try them the next time I need to get a set of needles.

Currently I’ve got another lace project on the needles (Amy’s Scarf, @ Ravelry), and then I think I’ll be doing some winter knitting, as all the hats I’ve made in the last few years have gotten stretched out and don’t quite fit anymore.

The shawl is going to get sent on its way to Ireland today, and I hope it’ll serve its new owner very well.



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