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hello, June, and a photo challenge

Happy June! Today is also Children’s Day, and I am celebrating by indulging my inner child and being lazy. I had to leave the house this morning to go to an appointment and it was hot and sticky and full of nasty humanses trying to make conversation and small talk and ewwwwww.

It took a lot of effort not to react like this.

Anyway, now I’m home and finishing the work I have to do today, because although yesterday was a bank holiday and there were all kinds of “what are you doing for Corpus Christi long weekend?” promotions, some people don’t have today off and have to work anyway. And this weekend, I’ll probably be staying home, hiding from the super gross heat, and trying to beat the boredom (which probably means I’ll end up sleeping a lot and working when everything else gets boring).

Anyway, it’s the start of a whole new month, and as I was doing the layouts for the month in my bullet journal, I decided that I’m going to do a photo challenge this month. A Polish blogger is doing one on her blog – photo challenge #8 (link to a Polish text) – and I’m going to try and follow along. It’s only 20 pictures, rather than one for every day, so here’s hoping.

If anyone wants to follow along, here are loose translations of the themes for the 20 days:

Summer Photo Challenge

  1. fairy-tale
  2. emotions
  3. in reverse/backwards
  4. good weather/bad weather
  5. spring!
  6. another me
  7. texture
  8. minimalism
  9. a small celebration
  10. a pretty picture
  11. breakfast
  12. repetition
  13. pastels
  14. close-up
  15. my secret
  16. I feel
  17. shapes
  18. morning
  19. oh, the colors!
  20. distance

Featured photo by Lukasz Oslizlo on Unsplash

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