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there’s a thunder in our hearts, baby

I dropped by my uncle’s place after class tonight, and got my dose of hugs from everyone, including my oldest cousin’s friend who came by for a visit, so that was lovely. Tomorrow I’m having dinner with another cousin, and possibly also playing some more phone tag with the guy whose daughters I’m supposed to be tutoring/conversing with. I called, left a message (ughhh, I hate leaving messages, I always end up blathering on and on and sounding like a total dork), and  ...

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awesome, movies

Dying’s easy. Rock and roll is hard.

I watched a delightfully cheesy movie last night, called Command Performance. It has Dolph Lundgren (who also wrote and directed it, hat trick FTW) as a drummer in a band that’s performing at a charity concert in Moscow. Bad guys come in, kill a bunch of people, take a bunch of hostages, and Dolph Lundgren teams up with an FSB agent (it’s his first day on the job! at least he’s not two weeks from retirement!) to kick ass and save the day. Basically, it’s Die Hard at  ...

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