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whoops, fell over

Alas, the subject line is not a quote from Bridget Jones’ Diary, but merely an excerpt from the last couple of days. I’ve slipped and fallen twice, and both times landed on my ass hard enough to rattle my whole body. And of course each time I threw out a hand to catch myself, so now I’ve got a really sore wrist. Unfortunately, having failed to foresee such a need arising, I’ve left my wrist brace at home, and I don’t have an elastic bandage to tape it up with  ...

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tell me what you’ve been doing, busy little bee

My throat feels better today! I’m not quite back to normal yet, but at least it doesn’t feel like I’ve got something stuck in my throat anymore. It still hurts a bit to swallow, but at least I was able to eat supper without having to take very small bites so that it wouldn’t hurt so much to eat. My sinuses are also stuffed up, but I actually feel a lot better today than I did yesterday. It probably helps that I got about 10 hours of sleep last night, so I was well  ...

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le amore escargot gigantique napoleon frittata

So in the course of looking for… something on the internets today, I stumbled on a blog post about the elfpunk variety of urban fantasy, and I was all zuh? about it, because seriously, what? Anyway, as the article says: Elfpunk takes Elves and the other creatures of Faerie and throws them into a contemporary story. These stories are often dark and gritty and may feature rock bands, car racing, or motorcycles. How is this different from Urban Fantasy? Elfpunk dosen’t have Werewolves  ...

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