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le amore escargot gigantique napoleon frittata

So in the course of looking for… something on the internets today, I stumbled on a blog post about the elfpunk variety of urban fantasy, and I was all zuh? about it, because seriously, what? Anyway, as the article says: Elfpunk takes Elves and the other creatures of Faerie and throws them into a contemporary story. These stories are often dark and gritty and may feature rock bands, car racing, or motorcycles. How is this different from Urban Fantasy? Elfpunk dosen’t have Werewolves  ...

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Shakespeare gots to get paid, son

A couple of weeks ago, Lilith Saintcrow had an interesting post about being an artist, and it was a bit of a rant against the people who insist that a true ARTEESTE doesn’t make money off their work. I mentioned this in chat with a friend today, and she said “I really hate it when people try to define what is or isn’t an artist […] like, oh yeah, totally have to be poor alcoholics that starve and suffer for their masterpieces.” Which, yeaaaah. Ceiling Cat forbid writers make money doing  ...

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