I didn’t even have to set it on fire!

Again, here for the purposes of Ravelry-linking.

So, maybe this is where my writing inspiration went… I’ve got things scribbled down, but nothing coherent. I do, however, have a Finished Object. That’s knitter speak for OMG IT’S FINALLY DONE.

I bring you the Shawl of Annoyance Sarcelle Shawl! No blocking-in-progress pics, as those are on the SLR film camera, but I got my hands on a digital camera, so I got some pretty nice shots.

I cast on in the beginning of December, discovered a glitch in the yo section in the first 36 row section, kept going, then finally gave in and frogged it. Started over again a month less a day after casting on the first time. Finished on March 15. Blocked on March 18, got about 80% done blocking, discovered a big giant gaping hole from where I’d dropped a stitch about 1/3rd of the way from the beginning. Cried. Contemplated setting the thing on fire, or throwing it off the balcony. Frogged two thirds of the shawl *sob*. Reknitted the whole thing. Finished on April 4th. Thank god, I was starting to get really sick of it. Blocked the thing the next morning.

And wow, you guys, it was so totally worth it.

Isn’t it purty?

Yes, my arms are actually that white. I don’t tan, at all. Not even in a tanning salon. Believe me, I’ve tried. The results are either endless white until I get frustrated and give up, or lobster red on top and fishbelly white on the inside of my arms.

Action shot! I didn’t want to model it, but I wanted to show it hanging on something. A dressmaker’s dummy would technically be ideal, but well, one makes do with what one has. This picture is also the closest to the actual color of the yarn. I lost the paper label from the hank a long time ago (I cast on for this back in December, then re-started at some point in January, so who the hell knows where it’s gotten to by now), so I don’t know what the color is called or even what the yarn is. All I remember is that it came from the “good” yarn store, the one where I have to really resist dropping to the floor and rolling around in all the awesome stuff they have there.

Closeup of the lovely detail. *sigh* I’m so fucking proud of myself for finishing this. FIRST LACE PROJECT FTW!

Another closeup of the detail, on a different colored background.

The light in this one is really weird – it’s not actually that bright, the bedspread is actually dark blue, not grey, and that ring is not gold, it’s silver. But it looked pretty, so I thought I’d share.

This is more color-accurate. Not quite wedding ring shawl fine, but hey, it still fits through. 🙂

For my next project, I think I’ll just knit some socks. Turning heels is nothing compared to the stress of this. But I love love love knitting lace, and I’ll definitely be making more. I just need to rest on my laurels for a while before subjecting myself to that kind of stress again. 🙂

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