in progress knits round-up

Decimal cardigan, in progress :: Evolution Mitts, second attempt :: Wisp, neverending

Left to right: Decimal from Spring ’09 Knitty, Evolution Mitts (attempt #2) from Mimknits (link to page to buy the pattern), and Wisp from Summer ’07 Knitty.

The sweater has been languishing for a few days, I haven’t even taken it out of the bag except to take the pictures. The yarn is absolutely fabulous to work with—fabulously soft and squishable, and very easy on the hands. The white yarn is a provisional cast on, because I couldn’t get the 200+ stitch cast-on to be sufficiently loose on a circular needle, and I don’t have any needles long enough to fit that many stitches on a regular one.I was worried that it might be a little too loose, but I think I’ll be OK. I’ll measure it when I pick up the project again (probably after I finish the mitts, so most likely tomorrow), and figure out how things are going. I got gauge when I did the swatch, so hopefully my tension is similar and things won’t be too far off.

The mitts will probably be finished tonight, ‘cuz they’re a super quick knit. It looks like I’ll have oodles of yarn left, too, due in part to the smaller needles and modified length. I changed the way I worked the second chart – working it through once as written, and then rows 1-10 without the accompanying increases. I didn’t want the mitts to be quite elbow-length, but when I make them again (and I most likely will, they’re a nice quick project with a satisfying result without the frustration of socks), I might do the full length.

The Wisp scarf/shawl/wrap/whatever is frustrating me. I started it a while back, but it’s been going back in the bag for long periods of time, despite how quick a knit it is. The color is my main problem with it, and I need to buy some KoolAid and test different colors so I can overdye it. The other thing about it, which I realize is a realization coming far too late, is that I should have skipped the eyelets on the edges. The entire thing may yet get frogged and repurposed for something else, once I dye the yarn to something I can stand to look at, of course.

I frogged the Talia vest I started. The yarn is just way too rough and scratchy, and it’s unpleasant to work with. I might still knit it in something else, maybe I’ll get some worsted weight Shine from KnitPicks for it and see how it works that way.

The February Lady Sweater that I finished but didn’t finish might get frogged, after all. The transition from the garter stitch to the lace pattern falls right across my chest, which has an unfortunate effect. This could be fixed by extending the garter stitch, but it would require frogging about half of the sweater anyway. Also, the sleeves are way too baggy, as I hadn’t read up on the alterations to the sleeve stitch count before knitting it. Again, I’d have to frog the sweater and the sleeves to fix it. I think the length could be helped by blocking or by adding a couple of repeats of the lace to the hem, but that would come after all the frogging to fix the other things anyway, so it looks like one way or another, I’m frogging most of the piece anyway. I might frog and fix, I might frog and make something else. I was thinking the Central Park Hoodie, but that’s written for aran weight, so there’d be a whole bunch of alterations needed, and I’m not sure I want to mess around with that.

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