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So in the course of looking for… something on the internets today, I stumbled on a blog post about the elfpunk variety of urban fantasy, and I was all zuh? about it, because seriously, what? Anyway, as the article says:

Elfpunk takes Elves and the other creatures of Faerie and throws them into a contemporary story. These stories are often dark and gritty and may feature rock bands, car racing, or motorcycles.

How is this different from Urban Fantasy?

Elfpunk dosen’t have Werewolves and Vampires thrown into the mix. But there might be dragons…

There are also no made-up creatures. Sorry. That would pop it back into Urban Fantasy.

The biggest difference between Urban Fantasy and Elfpunk is that Elfpunk only uses Faerie creatures. But they don’t have to be of the Celtic persuasion, they can be Norse, Japanese, Slavic…the options are endless. The creatures stay as close to the original mythos as possible and any differences are explained as part of the world building. That means when writing Elfpunk you have to do your research thoroughly. (Though you should be doing your reserach anyway.)

That bit about no made-up creatures makes me go “hmm” a bit, because uh, aren’t Faerie creatures made up as well? Although I guess it could mean no made-up creatures like, idk, half-vampire-half-angel hybrids or whatever? IDK.

Anyway, I closed the tab and then moved on to… something else, but apparently my brain had other ideas and just wouldn’t let go of this whole idea.

I’ve got this whole urban fantasy novel I’ve been thinking of de-backburnering, and it’s got vampires and wizards and werewolves and yep, Faerie creatures. Right now, it’s kind of an urban fantasy goulash than anything else, having gone through several versions of the main storyline. There’s a new version brewing in my head right now, and I’m kind of considering taking out the vampires and the werewolves, or possibly everything but the Faerie creatures. I’m sure there are ways of incorporating vampiric and shape-shifting characteristics into the Faerie folk, if I really wanted to. I’m not sure if I’d really call whatever it became elfpunk, but it’s certainly got some of the characteristics:

Elfpunk isn’t always full-on dystopian like cyberpunk, but there’s often themes of rebellion, of fighting against society and challenging social norms.

And there’s certainly a lot of that in the plot as it stands right now.

I’m not sure if I’m willing to make a commitment to putting the story squarely in the elfpunk camp, though. I like the vampires and the wizards and the werewolves a little too much to give them up entirely. And as much as yes, I realize that research is important to worldbuilding, I’ve gotten used to mixing up different mythologies to make up my own to make the necessary changes to the story to make it fit into just one mythos.

*sigh* I think I need to actually do some serious planning on this one of these days. Maybe break out Scrivener and actually see what I can do with that. I’ve got some family plans over the next three weeks, so this might have to wait a bit. I think I could probably manage to take some longhand notes, but the actual typing them up and putting it all together might have to wait. In the meantime, I’m coming up with some exciting new casting possibilities. Om nom nom Chiwetel Ejiofor as the Erlking/Lord of the Hunt. I’ve got a bunch of files with a bunch of character names in them, and to be quite honest, most of them will probably end up getting recast, with the exception of Sebastian, Mallory’s husband, who has been Karl Urban for a long time now, and will not be changing any time soon.

Crap, it’s after 1am. Whyyyy am I not tired? You’d think that being sick, I’d be tired. Maybe I’m getting better already? I should really go to bed, only I’ve just found a movie on YouTube that used to be one of my favorites when I was a child and I kind of want to stay up and watch. But I suppose I will do the responsible thing and actually sleep, rather than stay up till 3am like I did yesterday (although I don’t actually feel guilty about that, since I was up by 9:30am yesterday anyway).

Stop babbling, self. Bedtime. Now.

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