When I was little, my parents had the radio playing almost all the time. Which is probably why I find it really weird to sit around and not have music playing. These days, half the hard drive on my laptop is filled up with music, and I went out and got a high capacity memory card for my phone so I could have a lot of music with me even when I didn’t have the computer with me.

Like many people, I used to have a profile somewhere on the net that said I listen to “anything but country and rap,” but I’ve been known to crank up both of those and dance around like a dork. I do tend to avoid the super screamy stuff, so no death metal and the like for me. When I listen to new music, I tend to listen to the melody first, and then pay attention to the lyrics at some later point. If it doesn’t sound good, I tend to find it hard to get into enough to be able to appreciate the lyrics and everything else.

My as my profile shows, I listen to a lot of different stuff, but the top weekly tracks fairly accurately represent what my current favorites are.